We are a Silicon Valley-based
blockchain fintech company.

We provide liquidity to quality projects by
listing them on the top exchanges around the world


Some of our past clients

Bitcoin Diamond

Rank: #23

Market cap: $460 Mil

DeepBrain Chain

Rank: #135

Market cap: $81 Mil


Rank: #306

Market cap: $1 Mil

Key Facts


Token listing is critical to the success of your project.

Token listing can increase liquidity and usability. If users can't acquire your tokens conveniently, you have a high probability of losing them. The number and quality of exchanges that list your token affects the reputation of your project. Getting listed on suitable exchanges strengthens the legitimacy of your project. Token listing also expands the reach of your project’s community and brand, which is important regardless of the stage of your project. You can never have enough users.


There are ways to avoid those hefty listing fees.

You shouldn’t pay millions for token listing. Period. There are many exchanges that can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Our expertise lies in finding the exchanges that are best suited for your project. Each exchange has its own unique criteria - connecting with the right exchange reduces cost and wasted time. Additionally, It's wise to find a strong negotiator. We have a relationship with the exchanges and are able to offer a low price for your listing.


Listing applicants often make the same mistakes.

Token listing applicants often submit insufficient or incomplete listing applications because they are unaware of the nuances with each exchange, which can cause a significant delay in the application process. Another common mistake is overpaying for an exchange because you are unaware of its artificially inflated volume. At Coinect, we help you avoid these common pitfalls and ensure a professional, smooth, and cost-effective token listing process.


Token Listing

We provide end-to-end service to help your project get listed on an exchange of your choice


  •   Exchange matching
  •   Outreach
  •   Document gathering and feedback
  •   Application submission
  •   Negotiation on price and listing terms
  •   Project submission
  •   Engaging with the exchange to expedite the approval process

- Premium Add-ons

Market Making

With any of our recommended exchanges, we ensure that you are able to list at your desired trading volume.


  •   Increase your natural trading volume by 20-30%.
  •   Improve your product's market perception for investors and your community.
  •   Improve trading experiences for users on that exchange
  •   Avoid being delisted by the exchange's minimum volume requirement


01 Zero-Risk

There's no up front fee. You pay only after a listing is complete.

02 Close Partnerships with Exchanges

Exchange Testimonials

Javen Lau

VP of Bitmart

"We love to work with parnters that do the due diligence and vetting before they reach us"

Bowen Chen

Cofounder of DDEX

"Coinect is a trusted partner to DDEX, and we have confidence at the project they submit to us"

Kajetan Maćkowiak

Cofounder of CoinDeal

"Coinect knows our process well, and we love to work with them"

03 Global One-stop Shop

We partner with exchanges from all over the world. focusing on exchanges with $5mil+ daily volume or 100,000+ MAU.

Here are a few of our supported exchanges


We combine machine and human, algorithm and exchange expert, to select the best exchange for project.

Project Infomation and
exchange database

Apply proprietary algorithm to analyze projects, by geography and competition landscape

Analysis and insight about the project and matching exchanges

Exchange expert handmade recommendation

Personalized exchange recommendation proposal and discussion


Free consultation and recommendation, No upfront fee for our partnered exchange

We work with the best exchanges because they can give projects instant boost in liquidity and brand reach. And because of the partnership, we can list quickly and more cost effective.


Any questions? Feel free to chat with us anytime.




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